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RE:Re: OK.

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

Sarcasm and personal challenges aside (I have adequately answered them
if the moderators choose not to censer my responses, you will get to
read them) we all agree that there is corruption and we all have
accepted the generalization that all politicians are corrupt, even
though we may spot a few exceptions only to prove the rule.

However, while trying to express our arguments, we seem to have lost
direction by getting our feelings involved in what ought to be factual,
and intellectual debate aimed at finding solutions.

Coming back to the subject. The main focus from where distraction
started was Sanjeev's proposal that our country ought to be ready to pay
the politicians compensation commensurate with the "investment" they
make in terms of spending in election campaigns.

First of all, campaign expenditure are not and should not be treated as
personal expenditure nor is it a personal financial investment that
which you expect to profit from. The basic presumption itself is wrong.
Let us focus on that. 

As regards to the point that legislators don't have any bills to pay,
well that's where reform is needed and we ought to find ways to change
the reality that mixes a politicians personal expenses with the expenses
incurred while running his/her office. Ours is not the first democracy
in the world, neither is it the best functioning democracy, and that's
precisely why we are talking on these issues.

I challenge this forum and everyone who cares to talk about this subject
to look at how other democracies of the world are dealing with
situations like these. 

I know for fact that official infrastructure and machinery of elected
officials in the United States are kept separate from personal
expenditure and personal life of the elected officials. There are rules
that not only politicians cannot use their official machinery for
personal business, they cannot even make election campaign solicitations
from their official phone or use their official staff to advance their
non official causes. Those who are caught violating such laws, election
commission as well as law enforcement machinery goes after them just as
well as press goes after them.

So, it is not that we need to find an Einstein to invent ways from
nowhere to help formulate policies. Our democracy is not a invention
from vacuum but emulation of Westminster Model of the British with a few
changes, and hence there is nothing wrong in learning from other
democracies and emulating some of their better functioning rules.

Thank You.

Umesh Tiwari

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