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US Policy on Indian Nuclear Flawed: US Senator

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Friday, March 10 6:09 PM SGT
US Policy on Indian Nuclear Flawed: US Senator
WASHINGTON, March 10 Asia Pulse - Senator Sam Brownback has strongly
criticised US president Bill Clinton for his refusal to acknowledge India's
need for nuclear weapons against a potential threat from China.
Speaking at the US Institute of Peace, Brownback, author of the Brownback
amendment for waiver of the US sanctions against India, said New Delhi's
decision to go nuclear had its roots in the collapse of the Soviet Union and
the growth of Chinese military power.
He criticised the dualism inherent in American policy towards India and
China saying "we ourselves are questioning our relationship with China. Yet,
the US rushes to reward China, a country that has openly and continually
challenged US interests and values, while at the same time ignoring and
"punishing" (by sanctions) India."
"The inequity in this situation is striking," Brownback said.
When a reporter pointed out that acknowledgement of the Chinese factor in
India's nuclear deterrence was conspicuosly missing in the rhetoric of
Clinton administration officials, he remarked that this would change after
the next presidential election when a Republican was in the White House.
Brownback blamed the US policy of equating India and Pakistan as being
responsible for competition and animosity between the two neighbours and
said the US should have a separate policy towards each country.


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