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Reply to Sabhlok

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
 "All I know is that a recent >graduate from an IIT has informed me that IIT
KGP grades are deflated when
>being considered relative to other IITs."

Dear Dr Sabhlok,

The above opinion, second hand from an anonymous source and presumably about
the BTech degree, is hardly a scientific basis for the rash opinions and bad
publicity you have now spread merely because of your power over the website.
My students and I have been upset because we did not expect this from an
honoured guest.    I also do not think it a responsible use of the website.

Your talk of market valuations is also technically unsound for the simple
reason that EVERYONE knows that markets for labour skills, let aside
business school degrees!!, are rather distant from textbook efficiency.
Labour markets, and credit markets, are the classic cases of markets with
massively asymmetric information between buyer and seller.

I suggest again that we end this discussion and get on to something more
constructive, namely India's Informatiopn Technology industry, hype vs.
reality, which is part of our Technology Festival shortly.


Subroto Roy.

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