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higher education

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
At 05:58 AM 03/09/2000 -0800, Sundeep Nayak wrote:
>dear dr sabhlok
>i am an iit kgpiite and also a member of the ias. i am hurt by your views 
>about iit kgp based on limited exposure.
>as i have expressed earlier ipi debates are becoming too shallow, back of 
>the envelope reactions most of the time.
>you owe an apology to all including kgpiites who are hurt and shocked to 
>read your observation.
>sundeep nayak

Dear Sundeep:

a) There are over 200 very highly educated and well-placed individuals
(over 10 pretty senior IAS officers, tens of professors and students, tens
of professionals, and many superb NGOs) on this list. If they are unable to
rise above the 'shallow' then who is to be blamed? Why don't those who
believe that the manifesto/ debates are shallow, and possess the necessary
wisdom to counteract this shallowness, help us by enhancing the depth?
Teach the child; not berate him for a "stupidity" or shallowness which is
natural to him. 

Specific instances of shallowness in the manifesto will be much
appreciated. In particular, I have always been eagerly waiting for geniuses
to join us and help us determine how to correct the madness which is seen
around us in India. I am quite confused. How did we reach this mess in
India, W.Bengal and KGP? Why did IIT, KGP, India's first IIT, and also the
best for a long time, which was designed to foster industry in W.Bengal and
India, and on which so much of tax-payer's money has been pumped in, end up
fostering flight of human capital and a barren desert where it was planted?
Please help me. I am very very confused. My perceptions are v. shallow.
Maybe my eyes also do not see well enough now that I am so old. I possibly
saw ruins where there was great wealth and prosperity. I will get my eyes
and ears examined... Perhaps also my brain??? I must be becoming senile...

b) Regarding the apology: I have nothing against apologizing if someone
feels 'hurt,' but it is not customary to demand apologies from markets.
Market valuations are what I am talking of. Market valuations of B-schools
have not indicated very highly yet of the VGSOM, and about the IIT KGP
itself I do not know specifically, yet. All I know is that a recent
graduate from an IIT has informed me that IIT KGP grades are deflated when
being considered relative to other IITs. That IITian is also an IAS
officer, btw. Whom do I believe in? 

A large number of my close personal friends (including two of the smartest
individuals in Assam, Indrajit Barua and Mukul Mahanta, as well as my old
school mate Charu, and of course you yourself are a personal acquaintance)
are alumni of IIT KGP. I hope we can discuss facts without getting hurt by
these facts. I have also personally found out that faculty at IIT KGP is
reeking with graduates from IIT KGP, thus violating the basic principle of
cross-fertilization which ensures high quality education in the USA. Only
3rd rate Indian universities follow such incestuous procedures. I have also
seen the squalour and decadence in and around IIT KGP personally. What do I
have to apologize for? If Moody's downgrades Indian bonds, do I have to ask
Moody's for an apology or ask Indians (i.e., us, here) to upgrade their
quality? Nowhere do I intend to 'hurt' - but speaking the truth as one sees
it should be permitted, what do you think, so long as it is also supported
by rational evidence of somewhat substantial nature... Not everything I
said was based on heresay, but I am the first to be admit a mistake when
alternative facts are presented before me.


And while we are on this topic, why not rise above IIT KGP and Bengal, and
take a fresh look at the policy toward IITs and higher education in India
for inclusion in the manifesto?

Let us move to the deep end of the pool. 



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