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market valuations

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

Reg. Kharagpur, I have unwittingly stepped on various toes, as the
messenger of possibly not so pleasant facts. First of all, I must make it
clear that the arrangments and facilities at VGSOM are clearly among the
best in the world. The hospitality of Prof. Roy, both at VGSOM and at his
residence was also absolutely wonderful! Many many thanks to him and his

Reg. other issues, please ignore my personal assessment which is merely one
among millions and can easily be wrong. Let us instead get very academic
and scientific: Please let us find out (not that it is very relevant for
IPI's policy debate, but nevertheless this procedure can help distinguish
facts from personal biases):

* What is the (average) market value of a fresh IIT KGP graduate in the
world's market place today vis-a-vis other IITs? What about with reference
to Caltech, MIT? My assessment is on heresay. Any studies on this? If IIT
KGP has slipped down the national rankings, why?

* Has IIT KGP lived up to its goals? Has it spawned a Silicon Valley? If
not why not? Was the fault of the system (incestuous inbreeding of faculty)
or of the Marxist state government? Did we ultimately waste billions of
dollars of precious national resources on IIT KGP over the 45 or so years
of its existence? What has been the return on this investment to the society?

* What is the (average) market value of a fresh VGSOM, KGP MBA in the
world's market place vis-a-vis other B-schools of India and abroad? I am
very glad to hear that everyone is well placed now. Let us therefore have
the **averages** of their salary structure and compare with other B-schools. 

* What is the (per capita) investment (including FDI) into W.Bengal over
the last 50 years in relation to other states of India? That represents the
investor's valuation of W.Bengal. Has there been any capital flight out of
W.Bengal, including of human capital? How much? Subtract that from investment.

* What is the (per capita) investment (including FDI) into India over the
last 50 years in relation to other countries of the world, such as SE Asian
nations and China? That represents the investor's valuation of India. Has
there been any capital flight out of India, including of human capital?
Subtract that from investment.

Finally, once again, wherever my personal assessment has gone against
market valuations, please DISREGARD my casual and perhaps ill-informed
assessment. USA Today values universities in USA not based on a single
person's valuation, but on the basis of a vast matrix of responses. Today,
the market for education and investment is practically the entire world.
Prices are the social valuation vector, and in a global economy these
become the global valuation vector. Very rarely does the world go
consistently wrong in valuing anything.

If at the end of the above valuation, some one feels that the market has
undervalued Kharagpur or W.Bengal or India, (a) better marketing or (b)
improvement in the quality of the underlying product would help.


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