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RE:Women's reservation

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

No Sanjeev, it is not theory, it is a matter of principle. People who tend
to disagree with issues like these, don't want to engage in factual debates
and rather make fun of the subject saying "theoretically it is correct" but
"practically not so" claiming to be the sole authority on the welfare of our

Please don't make fun of this issue by calling a principled stand as
'theoretical' simply because our politicians have made a mess out of it, and
because our democracy and the fundamental rights of a good chunk of its
citizens have been abused in the name of qualified reservations of seats of
the parliament on the basis of birth (without anyone even checking to see if
it has made any difference in the lives of those claimed to be reserved!).

If you think a difficult proposition is not "practical" however much must it
merit on a principled foundation, then even the concept of democracy is very
difficult, messy and expensive one. General Pervez Musharraf style
dictatorship is much more simpler and perhaps cheaper, why don't we go for
that, in which, one, supposedly wisest of the individuals gets to decide who
is part of government machinery.

It is the same "theoretical" concept of democracy which makes us continue to
sacrifice dozens of lives in election violence every couple of times almost
every year in Bihar, despite the fact that it is the criminal, the
supporters of private army, those who get to hijack elections at gun point,
get elected and hold public office in Bihar. Yes, "practically", democracy
is a big failure in Bihar, and yet we don't give up, cuz, somehow we have
come to believe in one principled stand, and that is, we want to continue to
call it democracy, and keep trying until we get it right.

Why do we not have the guts to stand firm on this principle too? Why do we
want to brush it aside saying "theoretically" it is okay implying
"practically" perhaps not, without even giving it a try?

Thanks for reading. 

Umesh Tiwari

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