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Letter to Dr. Sabhlok, IAS, on his views on IIT Kgp

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Dear Dr Sabhlok,

I have to protest your public remarks about IIT Kharagpur as being rather
ill thought out.

">At the VGSOM, IIT, Kharagpur, I spoke on a bunch of issues, apart from
>thing of transparency. This current talk (formal) was at Shillong last

>My quick assessment: Your alma-mater is dying."

-- Your quick assessment as an invited guest for a talk here is far from
accurate.   IIT Kharagpur is NOT dying.   There are a lot of things wrong
here as with other IIT as with all other institutions in India or elsewhere,
but there are many positive trends of change.   Everyone of us may need to
look within and change what we can as individuals first.

The MBA students at VGSOM, e.g., are good,
-- as your hosts, we thank you for the compliment

"but they are facing the consequences of the decadence of West Bengal"
-- this is an enigmatic statement; there is decadence of a different sort in
e.g. Mumbai or New Delhi's poshest circles.   Perhaps you meant the world
"decay", not decadence.

"While MBA schools across India are getting so many offers that
>top ranking companies are going without getting any recruits, this one is
>suffering from a shortage of offers."

-- that was when you came; the market changed quickly after that; almost
everyone is well-placed now.

>"IIT KGP may no longer be 'the best and brightest.'
 IIT Kharagpur degrees are now devalued across the world in comparison with
other IITs,"

-- there is no real evidence of this at all;  specific departments and
disciplines vary... there are "old boy networks" everywhere of course.

-- "and would >soon reach the level of a local degree college, if the rot is
not arrested".

--  this is quite baseless; I am surprised it coming from a momentary guest.

>BTW (please don't spread this secret!) W.Bengal is the most amazing
>society. If ever there was true de-industrialization in the world, that
>must have been in W.Bengal. Marxists have achieved the remarkable wonder of
>destroying the most sophisticated state of India. The entire state is
>practically a pot-holed ruin now.
>With brilliant folks like Subroto Roy residing in their state,

-- excuse me, but my ancestors have been in Western Bengal since the 18th
Century at least, and my descendants will too.

"they manage >this dismal performance by relying on some ancient dogma!"

I have to say that I am somewhat appalled by this bad publicity.  I thought
you were treated very graciously by all of us on your visit here.   We
welcome you back.

Best wishes

Subroto Roy.

>At 05:13 AM 03/03/2000 -0800, Charu wrote:
>>very curious about what kind of response you got from the
>>audience [supposedly the young, best and brightest] of my
>>former alma mater?
>>Sanjeev Sabhlok wrote:
>>B) The draft of my talk is below. Quick feedback will be appreciated.
>>> Dr. Sanjeev Sabhlok, 2.3.2000
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This is the National Debate on System Reform.       debate@indiapolicy.org
Rules, Procedures, Archives:            http://www.indiapolicy.org/debate/