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Women's reservation

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Umesh, I fully support you at a theoretical level. On IPI, since we are
talking theoretical 'ideals', let us record:

To para 2.1 of the manifesto 2000.2 I want to add:

2.1   	Phasing out the reservation system: 

c)	There will be no reservation in electoral representation since this
fundamental aspect of democracy cannot be hindered by needless bars and

Please vet.

At 05:44 PM 03/06/2000 -0800, Umesh wrote:

>Believe me, India is perfectly capable of enacting such legislation, and it
>is very likely that a 33% quota for women will get passed soon in
>parliament. I in fact pray that something as stupid as this does happen, and
>happens in more and more areas so that the absurdity reaches to a level
>where it starts effecting the thick skin of indifferent public, cuz they
>easily don't get it. What do you think the SC/ST quota seats have been doing
>to the people who live in these areas, feel cheated out of their rights to
>participate in political process, barred from running for elected public
>offices simply because government in Delhi thinks they are not qualified

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