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Re: Transparency

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Subject: From a friend

This was good. Hope my friend does not mind my sending it off to the debate (name is withheld since it was sent to me)

At 10:30 AM 03/03/2000 +0530, you wrote:
Dear Sanjeev,
May be I am little late in responding and may be the thoughts produced below do not directly address your topic.But these at least give a theme working on which will lead to elimination of corruption floor-space.
I remember reading in my childhood about the great poet Kalidas.He was reported to be standing on a branch of a tree and was trying to cut that very branch.The scientific details about the kind of axe he was using that is whether it was the conventional one (coaxial to the stroke) or it had a lateral cutting edge is not available in the books of history.That is why his act is generally referred as stupid.
I believe that a genius like Kalidas had a lesson in his act.I am also certain that the axe he used must have had a lateral cutting edge ensuring that he himself does not fall down.Enough of the story,now to the lesson.
The lesson I learnt was:Just because I am a technical officer in the IAF with sufficient job security should I stop asking the question that "Am I required in this organisation?I must own up the organisation and think for its need as well as my own.And in doing that if the answer to the question is that I am not required same must be communicated upwards.I did that for more than a decade and much before Fifth Pay Commission headed by Justice Pandian suggested 30% pruning in govt jobs.If there were less number of status-quoist the strength of IAF could have been pruned by 50%,if not more.
When asked a specific question on TV in a live debate after budget on the need to have a Dept of Banking and a secretary in that Dept,Mr Sinha replied that since the govt is the custodian(RBI being merely the regulator) it is required.As if the absence of that secretary will mean that the custody of govt vanishes.I really wonder what a Cabinet Secretary would have as an answer to a simple query like "What all are the jobs that you have perfomed in last one week?" Especially because the post happens to be highest in the IAS cadre the answer will be very educating.
It against this backdrop is therefore very surprising that there were no takers to my suggestion to PM even on IPI.
About 5 years back,there was a second editorial in Indian Express under the heading Time Out.In lighter vein it suggested auctioning of all the posts which are termed ' plum'.That way the govt will be able to get most of the money which at the moment is lining select few pockets.Some thought!
I hope the abovesaid is of some use.Regards,


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