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Need for Security upgrades

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Pakistan declares "Holy war" against India and we give MFN status to
Pakistan??? They are busy sending terrorists to India and we run token "bus
service" ? Which country in the world will do non-sense like this?
Is USA advocating this non-sense? If so why the hell are we listening to it?
India must device and implement to the full extent a policy to contain and
diminish Pakistan in every possible method , directly and indirectly . The
prevalent "Chalta hai" "koi bath nehi " "phir dekh layengay" etc..attitude
needs to be exterminated from security policy with extreme prejudice.  Mind
sets propagating such thought process be positively identified profiled and
immediately removed from any capacity even remotely responsible from
influencing any security policy without exception. Such mindsets contribute
towards security failures inspite their best intentions (eg:Kargil, Assam
situation, ) .
It may be a good idea to put together a security agency under the Rajya
Sabha review and PM (Only)(parliament)  in similarity  to American NSA and
CIA, to work specifically on the "Pakistan containment project".
Agents must have modern  Intelligence activity, coordination and high-tech
trainings along with one track security oriented phyclogical and
philosophical attributes at the core with no strong religious affiliations.
Such network must be totally transparent in its operations and be spread
across the country  interacting with other agencies and local police .
Accountability must be absolute in any unfortunate instances of corruption
found in the operatives by strictest military law. Selection must be from
phycialy fit (By Army infantry Standards- Yes It is vital attribute)
qualified IAS/IFS candidates with highest salary grades.
This is not hate measure  it is reciprocity. Reciprocity is the key to every
relationship for optimal mutual understanding.

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