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Re: Controlling corruption through IT

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Here is some thing strange.

My father Late Wg.Cdr.Ramanathan, passed away,
We took him to the Crematorium. Fee was some Rs.200/- plus, 
but we had at the crematorium had to pay Rs.500/- privately 
to the officers posted at that last scene.

Joke was that my father a scruplously honest old time officer, 
who attended office for a month in civies, after retirement, 
so his department take over is smooth. He used to argue that 
Govt. is sacrosanct. Govt. halved his pension, but he would not 
go to court, saying he had eaten Govt. salt ! He would not see 
corruption  and swore by the total integrity of all Govt. servants.

He was a well educated ex-professor, who must have watched the last
act of Rs.500/- exchaning hands to get him a slot. I won the argument.

Its not the money, but when genetic begger materails are given chance,
they beg by command ! We call  it corruption. Generations of lack has
impressed into the genetics to collect in Lakhs ! The first traing the
Govt. servant must recive universally is how to keep a cieling on
desires, and there must be a law where all should to stipped from him.

How to bell the cat ! and live with Mob-o-Crazy ! we call democracy !

Sairam Sathya_kumar

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