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Heartland: Ethanol and MTBE

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
In view of the discussions on ethanol recently, I thought some you might
find the following links useful.

>Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 11:28:21 -0500
>From: <laplante@heartland.org>
>To: <PolicyFax@free-market.net>
>Subject: Heartland: Ethanol and MTBE
>Heartland: Ethanol and MTBE
>Clinton-Gore Administration to Eliminate MTBE
>U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, March 2000, 7pp.
>Request document #2302217
>Ethanol and MTBE Gasoline Blends do Little to Reduce Smog 
>National Research Council, May 1999, 5pp.
>Request document #2303152
>Estimating the Net Energy Balance of Corn Ethanol
>US Department of Agriculture, 1995, 18pp.
>Request document #2303449
>>From the American Petroleum Institute:
>Questions About Ethanol (5pp.)
>Request document #2303309
>The Challenge of the New  RFG (4pp.)
>Request document #2303310
>Sponsored by the Renewable Fuels Association:
>Ethanol: Its Use in Gasoline (24pp.)
>Request documents #230330 and #2303447	
>The Use of Ethanol in California (11pp.)
>Request document #2303448
>Heartland: Ethanol and MTBE
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