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Re: liberalization - dilution of power

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

  Vamsi Musunuru <vamsi@siliconcorp.com> wrote: 

>Your PR
>machine might find more tolerant audience in politics than on an
>intelligent forum like this one!!

I don't have a PR machine.

>If anything your cronies in the Government have been empowering foreign
>institutions to setup branch offices, etc. at the expense of local

I don't have any cronies in the Government.

 I get the distinct impression that your idea of an "intelligent forum" is
based on baseless assumptions and allegations. 

>What I envision as true liberalization is where local entrepreneurs and
>giants can compete on a level playing field.

How do you envision to bring about a 'level playing field'? It is so
slanted and pot-holed now. Doing away with the Govt will only skew it
further, strengthen the historical and social forces that made the field
the way it was in 1947. Even in the affluent socities of today's world with
strong regulatory mechanisms and institutions the local entrpreneurs can
hardly compete with global giants (some rooted in their own country). Now
the local entrepreneurs of India have to deal with the entrenched Indian
businesses and the global giants with all sorts of handicaps they have
inherited. No, the ones really hobble them are not created by the Govt.
Yes, the Govt has been failing in their duty to remove them quickly and one
of the purposes of this forum, IMHO, is to get the Govt to carry out their
function efficiently. If you say the Govt is not the right agency to do
that, what else is? What is this highly mystical and magical
'liberalization' that is going to make it happen?

> Instead, Indian Entrepreneurs are
> forced to express themselves in other markets which permit free entry and
exit to ALL!!

The children, men and women selling vegetables, fruits, cheap wares of all
sorts and their own bodies' labour on the streets and markets of India are
entrepreneurs. The millions who keep cattle, grow vegetables and fruits
,weave clothes are entrepreneurs. But most of them are desperately poor.
Why? They don't have the capital, access to enough land, access to
technology or the means and ability to use technology. And keep these hard
working entrepreneurs mired in poverty and restrict their entry to any more
profitable markets. Without the direct involvment of Govt how can these
people break out of their subsistence existence? except by power politics
which may not be the ideal path, but no other avenue seems to be open to
them.No Birlas,Ambanis, Stanley Morgans or Citi Banks care about what
happens to them except that they don't rise in revolt.

>What we see is a Government that is serving its own interests before the
>welfare and empowerment of the local population and conveniently labeling
it as

I agree. It is not just them labeling it though. The  "great goverments"
and business institutions of the Western world, the mainstream press in our
own country and a huge sections of the articulate population of our country
call what is going on as steps towards liberalization, a move to more 'open
economy' and free market. Now, if we don't agree we have to define what our
idea of liberalization is, and this cannot be some circular definition ...
and it has to be cognizant of the existing conditions of acute disparities
and oppressive social structures and the relative scarcity of resources.

You say if the consumers make the choice everything will be hunky-dory. If
as citizens they cannot choose a govt that will serve the collective
interest, how as indigent consumers who don't have the expressive power
(Money) to take their demand to the Market, are they going to get the
Market to serve them? 

>If you have been led to believe that the Government has been
>liberalizing for the past 10 years then you are no different than the average
>Mexican Citizen who has been duped by a similar self-serving institution
>and an incompetent legislature!!

I'll let it stand. You seem to have a the prerogative to .... in this forum.

>Liberalization dilutes power and distributes it effectively.

... and what is that Liberalization?  

"Something that dilutes power and distributes it effectively"?!


"If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the men to gather wood, divide
the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and
endless sea."   Saint-Exupéry

However if the men have no idea what a sea is, they need to be shown one
first before a yearning can be instilled in them.


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