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Re: liberalization - dilution of power

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Dharma Tejus wrote:

>   Vamsi Musunuru <vamsi@siliconcorp.com> wrote:
> >What I really meant was that liberalization will shift the power from the
> >corrupt and power-hungry to the citizenry
> That's a huge leap of faith. We have been liberalizing to some extent for a
> decade now, and do we see this transfer of power? No. Things seem to be
> getting worse.

India has been liberalizing for the past 10 years?  What nonsense?!  Your PR
machine might find more tolerant audience in politics than on an
intelligent forum
like this one!!

If anything your cronies in the Government have been empowering foreign
institutions to setup branch offices, etc. at the expense of local
What I envision as true liberalization is where local entrepreneurs and global
giants can compete on a level playing field.  Instead, Indian Entrepreneurs
forced to express themselves in other markets which permit free entry and
exit to

What we see is a Government that is serving its own interests before the
and empowerment of the local population and conveniently labeling it as
"liberalization".  If you have been led to believe that the Government has
liberalizing for the past 10 years then you are no different than the average
Mexican Citizen who has been duped by a similar self-serving institution
and an
incompetent legislature!!

Liberalization dilutes power and distributes it effectively.

Vamsi M.

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