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Re: Fw: article on corruption in India

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  Manish Gupta <ml_gupta@hotmail.com> wrote: 

>For none of the problems I feel the politician are directly responsible, its 
>not even a job of people's appointed executive, rather it is the job of 
>career executives.

 That's going to the other extreme. As Sabhlok pointed out, there are many
excellent public servants with high integrity and dedication even today.
And there are even more bureaucrats who rather do the right thing than the
wrong. However under the current circumstances, it is easier and more
beneficial from an individual point of view not to push the right thing too
hard. It has become very hard to get the right thing done. Transfers of
SDMs, DCs, customs officers and once in a while an RTO are not rumours,
they actually happen when these people merely do their duties. Picking up a
life again after a transfer for a family man in India is very tough. And
these 'punishments'  meted out by MLAs, MPs and ministers are very
effective 'lessons' to other officers who maybe willing not to toe the line. 
There are concrete cases of absolute disenchantment with duty poured over
the people who try to run the govt right. A criminal jailed by a police
officer after dangerous and hard work gets released by a minister and goes
and slaps the officer with impunity, govt officials make strong reports
against a proposed populist project by a politician that get shot down with
hardly any explanation... How long will the good/decent official continue
trying to do what is right? unless he/she is super-good and sacrifices
personal comfort, safety and career growth? So to do a regular job, we end
up needing super humans.
Yes, we didn't get here only 'cos of politicians, they had built up a
"mutually beneficial" relationship with the "permanent govt".  A question,
why did Sheshan, "the ultimate good senior offcial", corrupt himself by
going to Shiv Sena of all parties?! 

I think life in India'd be extremely easier if some of the issues raised 
above are dealt with properly, and did you observe one important common 
characteristics among them, they are all the problem of Govt. Citizen 
interface on a day to day life, and bureacrat are completely responsible for 
this mess (I think they do not have will to change this at all)

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