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Re: ethanol & lead: a story of market failure

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
 An interesting story and a much needed pinch for the somnolent faithful
who worship at the feet of the Free Market. However this does not talk
about ethanol substitution, merely ethyl alcohol as an anti-knocking agent.
The discussion on ethanol/gasahol started mainly from the point of reducing
our import bill. Introducing 5-15% alcohol in petrol (with all the
associated problems and expenses) - does it work for diesel?- is not going
to make a significant change in the petroleum import bill especially
considering the fact that the current increase in personal cars could
easily offset this gain.
  Charu datt <charuX@lucent.com> wrote: 

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Sometime ago some postings discussed the use of ethanol
as a petrol substitute. The use of ethanol in motor fuels has
a long history- starting with the invention of the internal combustion engine-
but a very recently uncovered story involving the use of ethnol as an

<< snip>>
Based on internal memos, General Motors [GM] had every intention of furthering
engine efficiency by the use of ethanol, however, by 1920 the duPont chenical
company, awash in gunpowder profits from world war 1 had acquired a
interest in the fledgeling GM and pushed for the profitability of TEL despite
the problems. Later the Rockefeller oil company Standard Oil came up with a
manufacturing process that was better and the manufacture of TEL was spun
off to
a corporation jointly controlled by DuPont, GM, and Standard Oil.


 That's very interesting. The chemical intensive and unviable agricultural
system  called Green Revolution had one of its roots in the huge stockpiles
of NPK ,meant for muntions, left over from WW-II.



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