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Re: [Re: Globalisation kills Indian Industry??!!]

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

 Another dogma bites the dust ....

  Charu datt <charuX@lucent.com> wrote: 

More Free Trade is Good and More Protectionism is Bad. NOT!
By Robin Hahnel

Six months ago, before the Battle of Seattle against the WTO and the War in 
Washington against the IMF and World Bank, most anti-globalization activists 
were intimidated by one of the great myths of mainstream economic theory:
“More free trade is good and more protectionism is bad.” The truth was most 
of us were cowed by what was commonly accepted as fact: “freer trade leads 
to global efficiency gains through specialization, while protectionism is 
inefficient because it prevents gains from international specialization.”
After thousands of articles, pamphlets, essays, talks and teach-ins, our 
movement is now blessed with a swarm of “organic intellectuals” who can 
explain why free trade is usually bad, and why protectionism is usually 
necessary for economic development.


Every industrialized/developed nation of today had implemented strong
protectionistic measures  and most have these measures still in place to
various degrees. They challenge protectionism  once they are in a dominant
position and stand to gain further  by 'free trade'.


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