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liberalization - dilution of power

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Dharma Tejus wrote:

> Vamsi,
>    Perhaps that means we cannot have "complete liberalization" given the
> problems of globalization (which according to you go hand in hand with
> complete liberalization) that Srinath points out.
> Tejus

What you said doesn't jive with what I was saying.  I certainly wouldn't draw
the sort of conclusions above.

What I really meant was that liberalization will shift the power from the
corrupt and power-hungry to the citizenry and globalization (given a competent
legislature in India) can also shift the power to India which is now
concentrated predominantly among industrialized nations.

What is not contemplated here are the benefits of liberalization - dilution of
power from the power-hungry Socialists so that every man and woman can own and
operate their own enterprise of their own choice.  Of course, this is a bit
difficult understand given one's orientation on individual freedoms.

Vamsi M.

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