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RE: Inevitability of political corruption

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Dr Sabhlok wrote :
>Based on feedback from friends, the electoral funding - corruption
>nexus is better (I think) established now. Check out (Word file, >possibly 
>with virus) at http://www.indiapolicy.org/debate/notes.html

That was an excellant document about the compelling need to modify our
electoral system. But my earlier question of how the expences of all 
contesting politicians are to be met is still unanswered. When an MP draws 
salary fat enough to dissuade him from corruption,his
election expences are met by his big salary but how was he guaranteed to be 
elected !and how about others who also spent eqally ! Thats why I tried to 
give a more comprehensive solution for this malady per
Indian conditions.

    May I refer to my earlier posting on Campaign Lottery in this
connection, just in case heavy salaries forministers does not materialise. 
(Which appears less practiceable than campaign lottery).

Can I know why no body atleast ridicules the views I expressed
if not accept them, as remedy to campaign financing ! It is hard to
understand. There were tough debates on this subject two months ago and  
keeping in view Indian conditions where Campaign Finance is not a news item 
at all like in usa, I tried to suggest campaign lottery.
May be it needs some legislation to enable parties to take out lotteries. 
Again I repeat, a percentage of amount can be channeled for this or that 
good cause to sanctify it more.
  Limits can be imposed.Audited. Subject to scrutiny.People know that it is 
  I buy five parties lottery tickets knowing fully well that I am
contributing for a national purpose. But I give 25,000 or 50,000 to a local 
leader only to grab an out of way licence .In campaign lottery system, I can 
not ask him an out of way licence neither he is motivated to award one.


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