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Re: Captains of industry and the national interest

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Dr.Roy was right. The reports submitted by those so-called doyens of the 
Indian Industry is filled with rhetoric and lack substance. Only the prime 
minister knows if he really believes in those industrialists  or if he is 
trying to be a no-nonsense guy by roping in these folks. It only smacks of 
buccaneer capitalism. Rahul Bajaj never innovated and continued to produce 
those smoke-belching autos, the most polluting vehicles. And it is these 
guys ( family-run business walla's )who want to dictate the terms. What a 
pity ?

Prasad Boddupalli.

>There is no reason I can see for such captains of industry to have >such
>close access to the Prime Minister or the Finance Minister.    >There >is
>every reason to believe these captains of industry are >familiar with their
>industries' interests and no reason to believe >they have any special
>knowledge of the national interest.
>Where, for example, is agriculture?   Or where is the ordinary >consumer?
>This has not been a healthy development at all, especially >where >Indian
>industry is as uncompetitive as it is.

>Subroto Roy.

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