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RE: our National Anthem

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
	>Did you know tjhat the National anthem that we all sing with such
	>fervour was actually written as a tribute to King George V? J.Nehru
	>it down on the midnight's children without even the benefit of a
debate in
	>the Constituent Assembly!!

I knew it, along with many others. Probably that is why Sangh parivar
insists more on Vande Mataram's
significance. I personally when ever used to sing,  used to substitute each
one of freedom fighter and soldier who lost
his life for country in imagination, as the personality about whom I am
Put it differently, it may be true that originally it was written for King
George but having elapsed 50 years,
it will be diginified to label it as one aimed at such imagination when
countered , than any thing else .

Columbus mistakenly or so identified those in america as Indians. Now every
body still calls them so
with out changing the title and but with a totally different perception.
Same can be true with national anthem.
May be in school books one can write that focus of anthem is upon those
personalities who lost their lives for


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