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Reforming the Bureaucracy : Generalists (IAS Officers) VsSpecialists

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
In our country, The head of ministries are polititions who are not
specialists  in their respective ministries domain of activities. Let us
say that this is a political necessity and leave it aside for the moment.
Are the IAS officers/Secretaties who are the second in command  specialized
or have enough relevant experience to run the ministries? These IAS
officers get transferred so many times in their careers and they are not
able to gain the specialist knowledge to run the ministries or Public
Sector undertakings. 
Will not the bureaucracy work more effectively if they are manned by
specialists in the  respective fields?

Taking a private sector analogy, dosen't it sound funny and rediculous if
the CEO's of  companies will be transferred and rotated randomly even if
their business are operating in different industries. Bill Gates running a
Textile Mill :)

The administrative system needs to be revamped. The current system does not
attract the people who are most qualified and interested to do the job. In
the current system, there is no scope for someone who is more than 28 years
old, however qualified or interested he/she is to participate directly in
the governence of the nation.


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