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Debate on Reforms for the masses

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
This note was prepared after discussions with Bibek Debroy about 10 days
ago. Views, please. SS

Taking Reforms to the People through the Vernacular Press: A Project Outline


	While the Government of India is doing something, no matter how lukewarm,
on the subject of reforms, the States are going much slower primarily
because the real problem is at the level of the masses and State leaders
where much confusion prevails and vested interests are the strongest. It is
important to stoke a debate at the level of the vernacular press. But one
of key problems, as discovered by Bibek Debroy is that the vernacular press
does not possess sufficient material for publication in this area. The
editor of Dainik Jagaran reportedly told Mr Debroy that if he were to get
material regularly he could get it translated and published.


	It is therefore suggested that an institute sech as the Rajiv Gandhi
Institute for Contemporary Affairs become a nodal centre for collection and
dissemination of reforms-related material.The DAVP registers vernacular
newspapers. This list of  newspapers will have to be obtained from the DAVP
and an up-to-date database maintained by the Project Coordinator of the
project at R.G.I. These newspapers will have to be contacted and material
sent out to them on a regular basis. In addition, a database of writers
will have to be maintained and continuously updated, with requests being
mailed out to them to prepare material on various relevant topics.

The annual cost of this project would be in the range of Rs.5 lakhs, with
additional hardware component in the first year.

Source of funding
	Diverse  sources, including NRIs, the World Bank, Planning Commission,
etc., can be tapped for this project.   

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