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Re: Cost of education

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Dr.Sanjeev and others:

1) Do you have information about the cost for educating
   every childern and illiterate adult in India?

If we don't make everybody, (I am mean every body) functionally literate, 
and keep 50% of the population to depend up on Govt. hand outs, Subsidies 
and its associated evils will remain.

Our netas, babus and goondas are a reflection of the society and not 
independent of it. More literate, honest, hard working people will inturn 
result in more honest, literate and hardworking parliament and buracracy.

I am not condemning all politicians and buracracts, that would be a 
disservice. But, we got make an effort and do a sustained campaign and make 
the necessary changes to reassure and make sure that people, businesses and 
individuals can progress in life without bribing or leading a corrupt life.

frankly, Indian business can't survive without bribing some one from a neta 
to a peon. This is reality. I can be pure and starve my family or bribe some 
one and feed my family.

We need to change that, not just do lip service.

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