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Re: Globalisation kills Indian Industry??!!

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Sorry about the Deccan Chronicle link. It got outdated within 15 minutes of 
me seeing the news item on Samachar.com.

However I have news. The news item referred to the lengthy report submitted 
by the Prime Minister's Council on Trade and Industry which comprises such 
luminaries as Nusli Wadia, Mukesh Ambani, Rahul Bajaj, GP Goenka, Ratan Tata 
to name a few. (Deccan Chronicle calls it the Mumbai Club) The group has 
submitted reports containing reccomendations on areas such as Revival of 
Traditional Industries, Health Care Reforms, Avoiding Pitfalls of 
Globalisation and Administrative and Financial Reforms to name only a few.  
Whether or not the Prime Minister reads all of these in his lifetime , it 
appears that this group of people along with the Economic Advisory Council 
costituted by the PMO will have significant influence on the economic 
thinking at South Block. It may therefore be worthwhile for anyone interested 
in studying government policy on these issues to read this document and 
others available on the site carefully. The reports are available at


Be warned that the first report entitled "Revival of Traditional Industries" 
is unreadable by anyone with a vision of less than 25/20 but don't be 
discouraged, all the other reports are OK to read. 

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