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Re: India need not live with poverty

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
>Realizing and acknowledging the pathetic status quo does not lead me to
>accepting ANY alternative. If the proposed alternative is not much better
>and workable I'd rather wait, because we are not doing an experiment in a

Agreed. That is why an open debate is needed first.

>Let's get a bit specific now. You said above that about Rs800 reach the
>actually poor today. Are they being lifted above the poverty line? If not
>how will Rs650 or Rs450 do that?
>I need to get clarity on the basic premise of small doses
>cash delivery eradicating poverty, however efficiently and honestly

The Rs. 800 does not reach the poor uniformly. If you see the breakup in
the detailed note (Section 4. The actual role played by Government in India
- of the new note), you will find most of it is erratic, goes to some this
year, to others the other year; goes to the better off among the poor, etc.
In general, the 'disbursal' of this amount is extremely chaotic, and serves
no real purpose.

The Rs.650 (per capita) will be specifically targetted and will be fully
disbursed each year to ALL below poverty line. That will eliminate poverty
by definition.

Hope this helps; if so let us move on to implementation.


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