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Re: India need not live with poverty

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
At 06:19 AM 6/12/00 -0700, Dharma Tejus <dtejus@yahoo.com> wrote:
>     Is it possible (or even conceivable) for a people to shake off the
>crushing weight of history and the internalised oppression that has been
>pinning them down for so long with the receipt of some cash? especially
>a paltry sum of money, be it Rs650, Rs1000 or Rs500 per head per year for
>a few years? Yes, some of them maybe pushed above that sacred horizontal
>virtual line purely based on that extra cash income. Can a few hundreds
>or even thousands provide the foothold for them to stay above that line
>and not slip even deeper into poverty? 

Thanks for the active debate on this topic. I am constrained by my acute
carpal tunnel syndrome to rely on typists/ family to type most of the time.
Hence I will be v. brief. I am working on a detailed paper very carefully
which will be put up in a week or so with much more cogent language and

In the meanwhile, I ask: currently we spend about Rs. 4,000 per poor person
on subsidies out of which hardly 20% reaches the actual poor. The rest is
eaten up by bureaucracy and corruption. Would you rather continue to feed
fat bureaucrats like me (some are not bureaucrats, they are merely rats:
refer my poem written in 1990, on my personal web page) or spend a fraction
on the thin and sinewy poor directly? 

By NIT India will no longer be poor, just like we don't have small pox.
Today we have fat bureaucrats, fat corrupt bureaucrats, fatter corrupt
politicians, and every conceivable nature of people being fattened on the
money meant for the poor, and YET poverty continues, indeed flourishes. 

I end here for now. Thanks again, for the debate. 

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