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Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

Questions & comments

1) Every person in India receives some form a PIN (Permanent
   Identification Number).There has to be an accounting of some sort
   for a nation so huge as India.Why is this important issue not
   implimented so far?

2) Can cash be substituded by credit cards?. This will eliminate the
   need for poor to stand in line at the banks for getting cash
   payments?, This will also mean that cash transfers to banks needn't
   be one lumpsum amount every month. Everything can be electronic and
   there will be better accounting. Ofcourse it is problems in rural

3)Govt, should have a clear cut timetable for elimination of all
  subsidies, excess Govt. institutions and employees, with the progress
  of NIT, NIT plus the current subsidies is not good.

I would suggest that NIT be implimented over all of the Northeast, we have 
been been doing too many pilot studies,at too few places.let's test  it with 
greater number of people.

4) I am discouraged by Mr.Paswan's measure of giving out free telephone  to 
employees, In case of Andhra Pradesh, even the most reform oriented CM has 
to give in on power subsidies to farmers. How will NIT be received by our 
career politicians?

5)How do we make sure that those who receive the NIT benefits, make 
themselves more productive?.

While, on paper NIT looks good, the implimentation process has to be more 
clear and simple.

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