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Re: Sabhlok on the Negative Income Tax

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
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subyroy@mailcity.com writes:

<< I am however extremely doubtful of any progressive economic thinking coming
 out of the present Government or its Opposition.  Consider e.g. the way the
 new States are being formed.... Mr. Laloo Yadav has sort of agreed to allow
 the creation of Jharkand out of South Bihar IF the Union Government
 effectively buys this area from him.  
 Then there is the way Information Technology law and policy is being
 formulated... it simply shows Delhi to remain a rather backward area in
 terms of thought about social or economic philosophy (and one in which the
 inhabitants do not realise they are backward).
 Subroto Roy >>

Talking about progressive thinking, Mr. Paswan's doling out some 1200 crore 
worth of free telephones and call time to DoT employees can not be beaten. 
The logic of his thinking goes thus. Since a great number of the DoT 
employees frequently steal  phone time time from subscriber's accounts and 
help themselves in other ways to public property, Mr Paswan felt that the 
honest employees were not having a fair deal and therefore they needed some 
kind of morale booster. So his freebies are really meant to bring the honest 
employees on par with the dishonest one. Since it is so hard to get 
corruption out of the system why not legitimize it, institutionalize it. And 
as far as Mr. Yashwant Sinha's objections are concerned, well, the Finance 
Minister still controls the government printing presses in Nashik. Nobody is 
going to notice if Mr. Sinha prints an extra 1200 crores while he is at it. 

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