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Sabhlok on the Negative Income Tax

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- Sabhlok
>> not promoted socialism in his writings but at the same time he is not
>> ignorant about what is the ground reality in India TODAY. He has only said
>> that negative income tax is lesser evil compared to subsidies in the
>> form.

-- Yes, but Dr Sabhlok needs to explain how he foresees explaining to e.g.
Parliament, how this might be implemented, i.e. how a negative income tax
can replace all indirect subsidies presently received... people may agree
about the textbook logic but no one is going to agree to give up indirect
subsidies individually received for a national system which may be both
more efficient and equitable.  Even advanced economies like the United
States have not really got a negative income tax, though they do have e.g.
food stamps.  

Dr Sabhlok deserves credit for putting it on the table and if he has
managed to engage the Planning Commission on something worthwhile, that is
even better.  E.g. it might at least halt new moves for fresh indirect
subsidies to be granted...

I am however extremely doubtful of any progressive economic thinking coming
out of the present Government or its Opposition.  Consider e.g. the way the
new States are being formed.... Mr. Laloo Yadav has sort of agreed to allow
the creation of Jharkand out of South Bihar IF the Union Government
effectively buys this area from him.  

Then there is the way Information Technology law and policy is being
formulated... it simply shows Delhi to remain a rather backward area in
terms of thought about social or economic philosophy (and one in which the
inhabitants do not realise they are backward).

Subroto Roy

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This is the National Debate on System Reform.       debate@indiapolicy.org
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