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RE: Jobs in private institutions for dalits.

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Personally, I think the issue is to be broken down into 2 parts...

1.  Should there be an attempt on behalf of the government to "uplift" the
historically disadvantaged classes (hdc)?
  The answer is a resounding yes.  It is a moral imperative to nullify any
lingering effects of past exploitation.

2.  How should we go about doing this? 
Here lies the issue that Param is complaining about, i.e. are reservations
the best way of going about it...  Personally I believe that the hdc's
should not specifically be targeted, but will be indirectly helped if
programs were targeted towards the all economically disadvantaged citizens
(The nature of such programs is up for debate).  That would preclude the
affluent section of the hdcs from taking undue advantage.  However the groud
realities in villages may require special attention to ensure that hdcs do
not continue to be discriminated against even today.  Being from Bombay all
my life, I have no idea of the kind and scope of discrimination that still
exists in rural India...

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
How come nobody says any thing staright to the point as to
 why reservations should continue beyond (at most) two generations !.
Even if it is 'Reparations' and structural changes to remove existing
injustice, why
Affluent sc/sts' grand children should break the barriers of competition to
same affluent with ease at the cost of all other sc sts who are really
deprived !
When the facility of reservation is not discontinued after atleast 2
generations, how hard it is
for 'Reparations and Structural changes.. to remove social barriers.'. will
ever be feasible
for simpel reason that most of  15% seats in colleges, posts every thing has
been occupied
by those sc sts who are already affluent !

> > in a civilised society it is right and just that society
> > pay reparations to the former and  make structural
> > changes to remove existing injustice and exploitation.
> >
>  Am very encouraged to see that such sensible and sensitive statements are
>finding their way into this forum generally devoted to ahistorcal  and
>apolitical assertions of what needs to be done 'to set things right'.

>Thank you,


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