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Re: critique of my note

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Dr.Sanjeev and N.P.Singh:

I have no clear understanding of NIT and the reason for me to involve my 
friend is to test ideas,aganist different opinions.  It was also an attempt 
to get  a common(?) American's view of certain Indian policies. I admit that 
my friend is leaning towards libertarianism,and I should have edited his 
e-mail addressed to me before putting it in front of the group.

I am sure Dr.Sanjeev thrives on such criticism's and he comes out with even 
effective arguments to support his views, I am  pleased with  Dr.Sanjeev's 
sportive attitude. I will read his report fully and try to understand before 
coming out with my views.

The goal is to have strong DEVELOPED  India,we have NO dispute with that. 
And we have MADE a good start!!! on that front.

My stand is aganist Socialism, aganist large Govt. and Govt. trying to be 
everything under the sun.

This has been a learning process for me as I try to unlearn the socialistic 

I assure you that  none of the name calling was directed at Dr.Sanjeev .

thanks for the understanding.


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