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Re: critique of my note

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Thanks, NP Singh, for this clarification on my behalf. I cannot support the
Nozikian (extreme libertarian) position of property rights plus markets
determining ALL outcomes, as already made clear in my draft note. Equality
of opportunity is a political concept that super-imposes the first welfare
theorem both on theoretical and empirical grounds, I believe that bringing
ALL people at least upto the societally determined poverty line is a
justified government intervention PROVIDED no funds are allotted to
subsidize the rich during this process.

Today huge amount of public funds are allotted or misdirected toward the
rich. We need to eliminate ALL subsidy to those above poverty line. The
question is both a theoretical one and that of administrative design of
systems. But this concept is something we need to agree upon, first, that
those above the poverty line MUST face the market forces and competition
fairly and squarely.

I will be glad to face every criticism of course, as usual, name calling
included! My name is infinitesmally less important than India's future. All
errors of thought must be scalded away. The entire society has to agree to
some fundamentals.

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> The first American friend has neither displayed an understanding of the
> current Indian situation nor what Sabhlok has been talking about. Sabhlok
> not promoted socialism in his writings but at the same time he is not
> ignorant about what is the ground reality in India TODAY. He has only said
> that negative income tax is lesser evil compared to subsidies in the
> form.

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