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Re: India need not live with poverty

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
I asked one of my American friends to comment on your "India needn't live in 
poverty" article and here is his response. I have asked him to reply to the 
board, but just in case he doesn't I have taken the liberty to paste it 
--------------------------His reply-----------------------------------
I can't believe what this guy is saying.  Incredibly ludicrous.  If he
really wants to help poor people and the middle class, get rid of any
tax that lables something "income."  That would be a very good start.
Also, it is not any government's role to eliminate poverty. It is the
government's role to provide environment where everyone can make the
best of his own talents for personal gain.  The government does this by
respecting private property rights and individual God given liberties.
The government which governs least is best.
>addition, Article 39(c) specifies that the State shall attempt tosecure
>"that the operation of the economic system does not result in the
>concentration of wealth and means of production to the commondetriment".
This is frightening.  Who determines this?  Is this not communism?
>In policy circles, we speak less of elimination of poverty than income
>redistribution including asset redistribution.
Typical socialist/communistic tripe.>3.6 Minimum wage
>  Highly distortive and increase inequality.Only truly intelligent 
>5. The long-term cure of poverty
>Under no circumstance do I argue for the direct income transferapproach as
>the permanent solution to the poverty problem. It is only withreference to
>the existing subsidy route that I feel direct transfers are moreefficient.
Duplicitous.  He just said earlier that in policy circles, they talk of
wealth transfers.
Would you trust some government idiot to decide who gets part of 
This guy needs to study the American system of welfare distribution and
other goverment programs.  It has been consistently shown that a very
small portion is actually received by the people some stupid government
welfare program is trying to help.  The money is usually eaten by the
very the idiot bureacrats and systems this fellow says he is trying to
contain or eliminate.  This is apparently no different in India.
This man has been totally warped by British socialist/communist 
I see why that India is so far behind everyone else in the world.
Another ignorant person who thinks goverment can solve all problems.
Must be too damn smart for his own good.
I really feel that Government must govern and not do!, Govt have never been 
a doer and we are expecting too much from a civil servents.

Like you said before Dr.Sanjeev, Competition, not compensation that will 
make India stronger. Whether you like it or not, Indian system and 
politician are worlds best corruptors. No where in the world, does a system 
makes people corrupt like in India,

Sorry, Dr.Sanjeev, while in the heart we both want India to prosper, and I 
vehemently stand by you on your earlier opposition to socialism, what you 
are advocating now is just.

For a lousy address change in my driving license, It took me three days in 
Indian babu land, I don't trust the Govt. or Govt servants to do the job 
correctly. You youerself have told this in your "A primer for citizens of 
India...." article.  Why this sudden change?

You are rare civil servant, Unfortunately we don't have many like you.

Simple questions?
we don't manufacture cell phones in India,what the heck is the reason that 
they have to put a import  duty for?. so that middle class can never affort 
why don't they give ISP provider license to every private entity?
so that you will stop maintaning this board out of utter frustration.

Indian Govt should totally (I mean totally get out of doing business) and 
start governing and be lean, mean and corruption free.

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