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Satya Kumar and the Ghost of Kaldor

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>Some famous economist from told Indian Govt. that India is not a
>suitable country to tax. Income tax is not for Indians, that is why ANY
>THING YOU BUY IN INDIA has a total Indirect GOVT Tax collection of 48 to
-- Mr. Satya Kumar is right.  The "famous economist" was Nicholas Kaldor,
of, I am sad to say, Cambridge University.  His fame was largely due to
having been associated with Keynes -- as part of the trend in economics of
being famous by associating with famous people.  It can be safely said
Kaldor knew nothing of India, yet his prescriptions were followed, with
disastrous results.   

My sole interaction with Kaldor was in 1976, when I was given a small
job-for-money to do for him; he wanted me to show, as I recall, that German
productivity exceeded British productivity (or something like that), by
more than the data said it did.  He was very angry with me for staying
close to the data.

Yes, Mr. Satya Kumar is right; the ghost of Kaldor rules the Indian tax

Subroto Roy.
(Copyright 2000)

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