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Re: Tax paying Govt.man / On NIT by Milton Friedman

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Navaneethakrishnan Kandasamy wrote:
 Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
 NIT is fine. How are you going to deal with massive tax evasion by
 non-salaried class to begin with?. I am sure that Income tax paid by
 businesses are a fraction of what they should be paying.  Salaried
class is
 the victim here and that is partly a reason for corruption among the

Trend is catching up: Admiration for anyone in Govt. is coming down,
thanks to media, and real case studies in plundering the impoverised
Govt Servants supply public. In short the nessage is that he is an un
necessay leach sticking to the system.

The Govt. Servant pays tax because its deducted in pay. The staff used
to collect this
deduction in the departments may be equal to their slaries. Give the
Govt. servant a longer rope, and he will pay no taxes. Its not in Indian
blood to pay tax.

Some famous economist from told Indian Govt. that India is not a
suitable country to tax. Income tax is not for Indians, that is why ANY
THING YOU BUY IN INDIA has a total Indirect GOVT Tax collection of 48 to

Some one told me that 80% of the Income tax employees are chasing 15% of
collections. We cant change the mental make up. What is the way out ? Go
back and add at School stage lessons on being good citizen, and to
promote common Good. Basic Lesson " Cieling on Desires ". It was there
in India before the Moguls sat on the throne, and bad examples were
called raakshasas, !

regards  Sai Ram Sathya kumar ! 


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