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Re: On NIT by Milton Friedman

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Dr. Sabhlok (or anyone else connected with the civil services)

What is the best resource online and offline for Indian Govt Statistics. 
Your arguments for an NIT has raised in my mind the following questions, but
I have no clue where the answers to these may be found...

What is the breakup of the total taxes collected?  What %age of total taxes
are from IT, or sales tax, or taxes on petroleum etc...

What are the collection efficiencies (if i may call it that) of those
taxes?? I.e. what % of a particular tax is consumed by the act of collection

What is the breakup of the various subsidies provided by the government or
atleast the very major ones?  What % of a given subsidy is spent in
administering the subsidy itself?  Is the tangible benefit calculable and is
it calculated...

Abhijeet Pradhan

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