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RE: Jobs in private institutions for dalits.

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
>A special training centre to train dalits of how to attend =
> interviews and how to participate in Group discussions etc. will be of =
> tremendous purpose. More and more dalits should be encouraged to pursue =
> a software career and adequate training should be provided for them to =
> attend interviews conducted by software companies. This will enable them =
> to travel abroad and it will give them tremendous exposure. It will be =
> immensely satisfying to see more Dalits as software =
> Engineers/Consultants.

	Were any time Dalits denied entry in to Software institutions,
trainings etc
	because they are Dalits ? If their entry is restricted by virtue of
financial reasons
	so is the case even for many so called ( ' Labelled ' ) Forward
caste people who are not financially 
	comfirtable to offer the education for their lads ! So what is this
'Dalit' pamper !
	Saddest part is there is a trend towards Aggrandisement of Dalit
stature among elite-Dalits
	than any real effort to help their cause. This kind of
Marginalisation of Society (already the 
	trend is deep in some states) is dangerous.
	It also appears, the 'Dalit' aspect has to be kept alive just like
'Minority' aspect to voo the votes
	than any real effort to change their lives.Under constitution when
every one has equal
	rights, the only other variable is Finacial provess.

	All caste based institutions, hostels should be banned if Caste is
not treated some thing
	in line (an acceptable feature) with religion. Even those named
after upper castes.Any overt expression
	seems vulgar to me when in theory caste is some thing
deplorable.Just because constitution allows
	freedom of this freedom of that, every caste wanted to protect their
own caste-ed people in one way or the other.
	So the institutions. But it is forgotten that the Caste spirit is
always kept alive this way along with continued 
	reservations. No body speaks of discontinuing reservation for
atleast second generation .
	This continuation is causing Unequal competetion even amongst Dalits
! Because a Dalit who wants to avail
	of his entry in to Civil Services for example, he has to compete
with all other STs and SCs who already are affluent
	and had access to best possible education and upbringing. When he
can not break in to that 15% reservation
	it self because of unequal competetion from his own community,
simply because the facility is not discontinued
	after two generations for those who have made it, all this talk
about Dalits is simply Hypocracy.


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