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Ideological blinkers

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
It is perhaps important to recognise existence of a fairly broad spectrum
of ideological blinkers, the blind spots which the mind has created over so
many years of history and one’s own existence.  I ‘brand’ or ‘label’ the
other person into categories and start analyzing  by attributing to him or
her, certain motives which I would think the person has, even though the
person may have no knowledge of it. That is how I understand somebody who
is a ‘communist’ or a ‘fascist’ or a ‘socialist’ or a ‘liberal’ or a
‘secularist’ or a ‘pseudo-secularist’ and so on and so forth.  Perhaps it
is more important to try to transcend these blinkers and to see the facts
as they are, rather than on basis of how we think the facts should arrange
themselves, to suit our ideology. It is not easy to do this.  The whole
scientific method is based on experimenting and theorizing. Am I against
the scientific method? No.  One is not saying that experimentation and
theorisation is not required. Instead of presuming that one has
experimented and logically theorised, one has to see with an open mind if
it is indeed so, or whether one has developed idelogical blinkers in the
name of theories. One is not asking for dilution in theories; all I am
emphasising is that more openness is required in experimentation or

If the above can be done, one can see that there is greater unity among
different Indians than what is normally realized. For example, The Naxalite
can think of supporting a ‘tender-coconut’ project set up in private sector
by The Swadeshi entrepreneur, which can compete  with Coca Cola in open
market. And perhaps The Hindu Extremist can think of supporting a demand
for better price for forest produce in favour of tribals irrespective of
who the local tribal leader is. If different groups and individuals
interested in the people of India can come together by removing the
blinkers and agree on some fundamental principles of consensus, great deal
of progress can be made. 


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