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RE: Somebody has to sort it out

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

>Police, investigating the murder of one of his friends, picked
> him up for questioning. 
Three questions arise in my average mind after reading this or many such

1) Are Supposedly sophisticated, highly educated, highly competetive IPS
officers immune from such information !

2) If responsibility for torture can be traced to some nearest sub
divisional police officer mostly IPS, ( who may not have his direct
involvement for high handed ness and medeival rudeness though,)
  Who is the nearest Bureaucrat mostly IAS for not ensuring that court
ordered amount of 10 lakhs is released as interim relief ! Or is it waiting
for funds.(Mostly it is down stream callousness which always happens right
under the nose of those officers).

3) Can All this also be simply attributed to political corruption ? or
political intervention ?  some thing beyond my comprehension .

4) When Rajan Case shook the country in emergency, why many such things
still happen ( Bhagalpur blindings, tiger balms in eyes..). The cream of
society chosen
as IAS and IPS Officers, also do not have any control on the helm of
affairs except for tarnishing the confidence of a law abiding citizens who
goes with an appeal many times ? What prevents them from preventing such
incidents and many such events where a psychological trauma is caused in
the minds of common middle class ? what will they do with immense powers
given under costitution. How many do surprise raids , checks on police
stations, lockups etc ( I am aware that police stations lack funds and they
find it difficult even to xerox  etc.. still all this does not explain the
trauma coused in public mind due to aloofness from cream of our society
which allows an SI or constable to torture innocents). (Irate political mob
turned down District Collectors's car in Bihar.. killing him ... still that
is an event when mad people went out of control.But these events of torture
which can be controlled if SIs have a fear for their Jobs too !)

If some body thinks in an atmosphere of Naxalites, Nagas, Bombs, there is no
other way, I would say it is Just Panic reaction. And for Panic reaction we
do not need
Cream of societies ! In places like Kashmir and North east where military
rules practically,
these officers may have less say but how about in other areas of civil
society and If they can not prevent, who else !

5) Is there any way we can rope in few IPS officers in to debates !
Surprisingly I hear few IAS officers are there but not a single IPS ! It is
just a coincidense ! As much prestige to them for their immense authority
over ordinary lives but much more shame on them who could not prevent them.


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> Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
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