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Re: naveenkj

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
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In a message dated 1/28/00 9:36:44 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
skbarua@hotmail.com writes:

<< a vituperative character-asassination of an 
 entire nation >>

I have character-asassinated my country??  
    Whatever happened to free speech? oh I'm sorry...I didn't know it was 
only the "accepted" speech of the majority.
    The fact is simple.  People need to wake up and smell reality.  The 
hatred, the pain, the loss of life and property goes both ways in struggles 
with Pakistan, and in fighting terrorists, who are,  let me remind you are 
our own Indian citizens, who are fighting against a society in which they 
feel they don't belong, and that a society that discriminates against them.
    I suggest people read "Liberty or Death" by Patrick French.  The great 
Gandhi himself didn't want his son to get married to a muslim.  He said 
that's against "dharma".  Ghandi also said that he wanted to assimilate 
muslims to hindus.
    We live a country that is still discriminatory to muslims, not by de-jure 
but by de-facto.  
    The argument that I have made is true, b/c I can feel it, and I know most 
of you do to.  In the minds of INdians, not the govt. not the law, but in the 
eyes of the people, Muslims still are seen "different" and hated.  The caste 
system is alive and well.  And prejudism against women is greatly and sadly 
    If we are not willing to realize how much social needs are required in 
our country, we will never truly become a consummate nation.  We will never 
be able to establish economic progress, if most of our poeple are still being 
left behind, and discriminated against unjustly.

I have done no asassination of anything.  I have merely stated the dirt that 
exists.  Either we realize it, keep it in the back of our minds, and move to 
change things, or we can be blindfolded and never truly make India the great 
country we would like it to be.

- Naveen

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