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Anti-corruption actions

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
a) Hats off to CVC Mr. Vittal for putting up the names of corrupt IAS/ IPS
officers. These will now be permanently linked thro the anti-corruption
section on IPI's web site. I am particularly pleased that one of the IAS
officers against whom I had carried out inquiries in a major scandal about
8 years ago is now on the CVC's list. Unfortunately, despite being on the
list, he is happily employed after his retirement by another state
government in N.Delhi as OSD in a state guest house. Reality check: the
list is only a beginning, a mere minimum. Action is perhaps NOT being taken
against these certified corrupt people many of whom are now rich and
powerful beyond compare.

b) Mr. Vittal should see if such a list of corrupt representatives of the
people, who actually support such officers, can be made. 

c) I believe that IPI should put up all allegations of corruption against
any officer/ minister on the IPI web site. Please forward any complaints
against anyone and these will be placed on the IPI web site for all to see
and for the concerned to reply accordingly. My sister who has her own
bar-coding firm, was complaining to me about demands for money recently
from an accounts official in the Cabinet Secretariat. My brother who is an
exporter of motorcycle parts, was complaining about corruption in exporting
his consignments. I hope now ALL will feel free to write down their
allegations and send these over. I dislike wasting my time on hearing
complaints about specific officers. Whether you are my brother or sister or
relative or friend or any citizen, let us have the facts. Let these
allegations be put into writing and be made known to all, along with ALL
evidence. Let us help Mr. Vittal to eradicate corruption.

Therefore, kly. check the following web page and give suggestions:




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