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Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
     Dear Mr Chacko
     There are of course many flaws in any system.  The question is: 
     overall which is the better system.
     The specific matter you raise is not a flaw of the Parliamentary 
     system, it is a flaw of the way political parties function in India.
     The great advantage of a parliamentary system is that anyone can set 
     up a party and. further, that any member of an existing party can 
     argue and agitate and work for changes inside a party of which s/he is 
     a member.  
     A Presidential system does not give you or me either liberty. 
     In fact what we have is a corrupt form of Parliamentary democracy, in 
     which a Presidential form in fact operates inside the political 
     What we are trying to do in IPI is IMPROVE the Parliamentary system so 
     that it becomes more democratic, transparent and effective.
     A Presidential system would be less transparent, less democratic and 
     (from the viewpoint of the welfare of the people) even less effective 
     than the system we have (though of course much more effective in terms 
     of creating an environment in which there would be welfare for the 
     personal pockets of the top members of the ruling party - whichever 
     that happened to be).
     Prabhu Guptara 
     Dennis Chacko wrote:
     Maybe a Presidential form of goverment may not work in
     India, but that still doesnt change the fact the the
     parliamentary system has many flaws
     One of the main reason , why people feel powerless in
     India, is that they have no control in the selection
     of candidates put up by the party .
     For eg. If the Congress/BJP has a canditate who the
     people feel is qualified , but the party nominates
     some else ( maybe with a criminal background ) , what
     can the common man do about it ? One of the major
     reason why people refain from voting, is that all the
     candidates , irrespective of the party , have dubious
     backrounds/track record  and so people think voting is
     a exercise in futility.
     Shouldnt the common people has a say in party
     nominations ?

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