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RE:Patient wait for the laws

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
I would appreciate if someone could define *Primary Education* once and
for all here; kindly, it would inform the issue better.  I just want to
know what is being implied by "Primary Education" our discussions here; 
DATA?, INFORMATION?, KNOWLEDGE?,WISDOM? or some (and please elaborate
'some') combination of these? And after that, D/I/K/W about WHAT/WHO ? 

Rudimentary and perhaps idiotic (for its time) as my request may be, I
hope someone will kindly take the time to respond to it. 

/padmanabha rao

On Tue, 25 Jan 2000, Tiwari, Umesh K wrote:
> ...We as a nation are yet to become a mature democracy in terms of
> really making all of our citizens understand that they do have rights. Lot
> of our people just don't know that they have some rights too. It is for
> those of us, and I am sure there are millions of us, who do care to believe
> strongly that there is a "NEED" for every child in India to get educated, we
> ought to work towards creating an atmosphere where people express their
> NEED...

> ...*encouraging citizens to express their needs, and therefore DEMAND the
> minimum means, the school, the teachers, and necessary infrastructure to
> ensure every child in India gets at least the primary education....

> AND NOT THE PRIVILEGE OF The PARENT'S MERCY. If a child doesn't get the 
> primary education, then it is a collective failure of the system, the
> parents and the nation...

> Hope this helps. 

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