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Re: Constitution Review Committee

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
India-U.S. relations:
1)US independence was partly due to India.=20
British parliament wanted the services of Lord Cornwallis(captured by George=
Washington), treaty of Ghent(Belgium) granting independence to the "colonia=
lists" was signed to get him released, so his services could be utilised in =
'Carnatic' wars with Tipu Sultan. Thereafter My Mother India, had a unique p=
osition. A country  ruled by a Corporate, Named: East India Co.(koompany sir=
kar) with Add: Leadenhall St. London EC. untill the Co. was nationalised by =
Queen Victoria in 1857.

2)Our Founding fathers were day-dreaming anglo-philes.
all of them had Bar-at-Law to flount and impress. =20

a)  None of them noticed that U.S. was the rising super-power Militarily(aft=
er treaty of Versailes, 1917-18) and economically since 1936 when U.S.GNP/GD=
P surpassed Britain's.
b)  None of them took notice of Churchill meeting FDR off the coast of New F=
oundland and Begging him to come to Britain's rescue. FDR relented with a co=
ndition: Britain must relinquish their colonies(Raj) after the war under the=
Land-Lease agreement.
c) None noticed that Gen. Eisenhover was Commander-in-Chief of the allied fo=
rces rather than Field-Marshal Monty.
d) none noticed the massive presence of U.S. armed forces in India(Assam,Bur=
ma theatre)

3) Post-independence: we were proud with our colonial mentality-"commonwealt=
h" Panch-sheel(Mao is still laughing in his Mausoleum)and Non-Alignment Move=
ments(NAM) both with no(teeth) security considerations.
Pakistan on its part, did n't reatain Mountbatten(left him to pimp for Nehr=
u).Its first P.M. Liaqat went to Washinton D.C. and joined Seato/Cento and w=
ent shopping for Phantom and F-16 rather than Gnat, Jaguars and soviet junk.=
Our Day-Dreamers took the Kashmir issue to U.N. rather than settling on the =
Ground(was easy then), and wow... U.N. told us(India) to hold a Plebiscite(r=
eferundum)which off-course we cant dare.

4)Finally Our P.M. Mr. Gandhi achieved a 'diplomatic coup' during his visit =
to Washinton,when he begged to grant clemency from Reagan for a drug-offende=
r who happens to be a son of Mohd.Yunus, a Nehru family peon. oops...Clinton=
never thought of that...he let his brother

4)Till mid 80's our 'High-commissioner' to london had a seniority rank in ME=
A  over our Ambassador to U.S. all these, while U.S. had its Nukes(without B=
ritt's control) and Bases in Britain.

5) Our P.M. Mr. Gandhi finally,achieved a 'diplomatic coup' during his visit=
to Washinton,when he begged to grant clemency from Reagan, and obtain(free =
of charge), for a drug-offender who happens to be a son of Mohd.Yunus, a Neh=
ru family peon. oops...Clinton never thought of those powers...yeah,he let h=
is brother complete the drug sentence.

6) Despite the opiate spell of Raj-style beuracracy, and soviet style social=
istic honeymoon, we still ignore strategic significance of FDI, and insist o=
n 'Swadeshi'. We should rather give away U.P. and Bihar to U.S. as their 51s=
t and 52nd state, atleast the next U.S. President would be a Yadav.

Lets share our 'swadeshi wealth'.

Our Nation, its politicians, its beauracrats, its media, its intellectuals, =
its people....all are reflected in Bollywood popularity.
They all need NRI dollars, when U.S. sanctions hurts.
They need NRI lobbying power in D.C.,They need tech. and scientific know-how=
from silicon valley NRIs. but ask them dual nationality......and they have =
The former North American 'colonialist' asked for voting rights in British p=
arliament,if they were to be taxed.....Britain refused, and U.S. was born.

P.S.: Strobe Talbot sought Psychiatric help following the 14th round of talk=
s with Jaswant Singh.=20
-India fired a Cruise(or crude Agni) missile, to destroy Bin-Laden's hideout=
s in Afghanistan.=20
-Indian commandos have finally managed to apprehend, Dawood Ibrahim, an alle=
ged Master mind of Bombay-Blast, while he was watching a 'cricket' game in S=
harjah with some Bollywood whores.
-India has sent its Pacific fleet to Fiji to evacuate some Indian nationals =
trapped in Fiji, following a coup
-Recent 1stQ trade figures released, confirms that, India has surpassed Chin=
a, in trade surplus, with U.S.

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