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Recruitment in IT

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

I do not understand what this has got to do with Policy but nevertheless I
felt like responding!

The truth is that Private Sector will do whatever yields them results most
economically.  If I have to select a couple of guys from the whole pool of
possible candidates to do a job for me, I want to find an efficient way of
doing it.  I know that in India most of the educated have their first
choices in professional courses, I also know that there is a selection
mechanism in place which in general makes sure that the better folks get
into these and the remaining get into other non-professional courses.  By
choosing from among this selected pool, I have a better probability of
getting the smarter guy!!  And it does not cost me significantly more so why
would I take the trouble of searching through the whole pool and look for
the exceptions.  Of course, if I do come across the exception, I would
select him.

I believe the software companies are selecting engineers not for their
engineering skills but because they benefit from this "natural" selection
process, it is the same reason corporates go to premier institutes,  the
value addition that the institute makes may not be significant but the fact
that they have selected you from the 1000's who tried to get in is benefit



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