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Charges against India

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
> does it matter if someone on india policy debate is an "ISI mole"??? i
> think it is demeaning the intelligence of the persons on the IPI debate
> to suggest that an "ISI mole" can in any way influence our thinking.
> it is rather easy to brand or label someone, especially if he/she holds
> an alternative point of view. this is a forum for DEBATE - there may be
> other specialist "mud-slinging" sites for those interested.
> yazad jal

  Here is what I had objected to: Naveenkj in a posting bursting
  with homilies had implied a bunch of things about India that I 
  vigourously and vehemently objected to and challenged him to 
  either substantiate this accusations or retract his baseless
  accusations with an apology. If you recall, he had accused 
  India of wishing to 'annihilate' Pakistan, he had accused 
  India of sponsoring cross-border terrorism, he had accused
  Indians of systematically destroying mosques.

  I did not see anyone on IPI either substantiate those 
  statements of Naveenkj or respond to my objections. In the
  typical Indian display of cowardice, let's all bury our heads
  in the sand and continue to debate policy.

  So are the accusations listed above true or not? I challenge 
  anyone here to either substantiate any of them even to the 
  slightest degree and I WILL APOLOGIZE. What are you waiting
  for? This is a debate, isn't it? Naveenkj has made statements
  and when challenged has refused to debate. 

  India has problems that need to be addressed. Casteism, the
  poor status of women, child labor, population, poverty--the
  list goes on. But I will be damned if anyone will accuse India 
  of religious intolerance, of not being a good neighbor, of
  being militarily beligerent. I will not let any forum get away
  with tacitly allowing my motherland be tarred with the brush
  of false piety.

  ISI agent or not, Naveenkj's tactic of hit and run debate is 
  not conducive to a reasoned debate. If not malicious, his
  charges are patently ignorant and should be put down at the
  earliest opportunity.

  People of IPI, I have said my piece. Now it is up to you to
  respond for I am out of here.

  Best regards,

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