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Patient wait for the laws

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
I wait patiently for a precise and crystal clear operationalization of the
'compulsion' or 'right' to education that is swamping IPI debates. Without
specific provisions, this kind of debate is futile. Note: 'compulsion'
stems from deficiency in the demand side; 'right' stems from deficiency in
the supply side. They both however, do not solve the problem by mere use of
such words. The actual modality is very essential.

As far as rights are concerned, pl. also be aware that there the
fundamental rights machinery in India is almost a complete farce. Since
1994, S.V.Raju has not got ONE proper hearing on his petition, and of
course, as expected, the Supreme Court has not bothered to reply to my
letter written a month ago about my fundamental right as a citizen. When
the fundamental right of association and thinking and expression is not
available, what other rights do we expect to provide? Please tell me very
specifically -- WHO will give rights to our illeterate parents to obtain
education for their children (presuming that you believe that demand is
robust from the side of parents)? The supreme court is just not capable of
coping with the violations of existing fundamental rights. 

One final point. I have NOT said public funding of education is not
acceptable (tho' Barun Mitra would show why public funding is irrelevant in
many cases). My "public" schools will function as private schools which are
funded but not run by the state. They will all be NGOs, to use that
confused term. I have asked for parents to be able to control our truant
public school teachers. I object to the current system design. Many folks
here are not interested in system-level discussions, but in rhetoric and
dramatics. Please forget the big words such as compulsion or rights. Be
precise in your critique; show HOW you will operationalize whatever it is
you believe will deliver the goods.

And btw, do read the IPI manifesto very closely before jumping to hasty


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