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Re: a few points before we wait for the laws

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Thanks, Moderator, that was a relief; I was beginning to lose hope and
conclude that the word 'duty' seemed not to exist in the room's
dictionary.  Rights, of every and any kind *ACCRUE* from the performance
of Duties.  To remind the audience of our common understanding here, one's
foremost duty as a human being, presuming membership in a *typical*
Community/NationState, is to ensure at *all* costs that my actions hurt no
other human being in the Community without his having an explicit
permission (as to outside the Community, there's the Community's Foreign
Policy to hold forth, hopefully without schizophrenia);  following only
and only this can I (and similarly the Community on another Community)
ever lay claim to a Right (Freedom) to act as I do, including procreating
40 kids if I wish to.  If you have discerned, I might be harming my
fellowmen (fellowCommunities) in some proveable way by procreating 40
kids; and hence the express need for any Community (and therefore a
Political Party in its manifesto) to set out clearly its Population
Policy.  Education of the kids I produce will be my concern, save the only
compulsion that I ensure the kids live by (i.e. manifest in their actions
just as their parents do) the Philosophy of Ahimsa which governs the
Community. 'Compulsion' starts there and ends there (If I may retain my
faith in the natural ability of a human being to reason and feel then
there would be little need for that statute too); and if this Education
isn't ensured by me in my kids and they break the Law of Ahimsa in the
Community, the Offended (provided the Offended has maintained its duty)
has the Right to Jail the acting Offender.

I have stopped short of reasoning ahead/further not because it has to do
with 'ethics'; more REALly I believe there is nothing contro-versial in
what I have to say here and therefore it would pass muster for all our
intents and purposes in our ongoing discussions. 


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