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Re: a few points before we wait for the laws

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 15:59:04 EST

I don't see this as discrimination against the poor.  Two things I want to 
make clear:
    1) A right so Fundamental as this, not only for the individual, but for 
the well being of Democracy itself, shouldn't be prevented by parents.  If a 
child wanted to practice his/her religion, the parent cannot prevent it.  
Free speech cannot be prevented by parents as well.  Right to life can't be 
prevented by parents as well.  THe child has been granted these 'a priori 
rights, and violation of these will result in the incarceration of the 
violator by the state.
    Similarly, Right to a quality education is a fundamental right of all.  
It shouldn't be just of the rich!  It should be universal and applicable to 
all.  The rich have money to send kids to schools and they do.  THe poor 
don't and we need to help them as a compassionate government.

    2) I did not make the claim that the poor parents don't want to educate 
their kids.  I merely said, partially deriving info from my own empirical 
knowledge, that when a poor person has a kid, and if the kid is of age, they 
are sent to work.  WHy? Because no work means no food.  This is the reason 
most poor people don't send their kids to schools.  
    We need to change this, by first offering incentives, such as free food 
for children who attend schools (which already exists in most states) and 
free education.  Parents who still force their kids to go to work and not 
provide them with this basic right and those who interfere in the process of 
democracy, need to punished.  We will punish anyone who interferes with the 
democratic process, and someone who infringes on the rights of others.  
Similarly we need to punish those who infringe their kids right to education 
and who interfere with democracy.  A democracy is MOST effective when the 
mass is educated, and when the people aren't ignorant or fear ridden, which 
is due to lack of education.

For these reasons we need to have mandatory education.  I don't think this is 
unfair treatment to the poor, instead its an opportunity to help the poor.  
Its a must of all governments, and all democracies.

- Naveen

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